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XPress PHONE is your connection to Big Sky Western BankSM , giving you immediate access to the information you need most often. With XPress PHONE , you can quickly and easily:

  • Make account balance inquires.
  • Determine most recent transactions on your account.
  • Verify deposits as well as other electronic funds or ATM transactions.
  • Transfer funds between accounts and make loan payments.

Using XPress Phone and Main Menu

Using XPress PHONE SM
Before using Big Sky Western Bank's XPress PHONE , make sure you have your account number(s) handy. It appears at the top right corner of your statement or the bottom of your check. Also have your Personal Identification Number (PIN) available. The first time you call, your PIN will be your social security number, however, you will be prompted to change this number the fist time you log in.

  • First - Call 587-3821 (outside area 1-866-495-1866) from any touch tone phone.
  • Wait ...for the greeting, then follow the simple instructions given to you. You will be offered a series of menu options. To access these selections from the Opening Menu, press the corresponding number(s) on your touch-tone phone.

Main Menu


Checking or Money Market Information
1 Checks and other Debits
2 Deposits and other Credits
3 All transactions cleared since last statement
4 Search by Check Amount
5 Search by Check Number
0 Transfer to Operator
# Return to Main Menu


Savings Information
1 Savings Withdrawals
2 Savings Deposits
3 All transactions cleared since last statement
0 Transfer to Operator
# Return to Main Menu
* Repeat Menu


Loan Information


Certificates of Deposit & Individual Retirement Accounts


Funds Transfer or Make Loan Payment


Visa Check Card or ATM Card
1 Activate Visa Check Card
2 Report Lost or Stolen Visa Check Card or ATM Card


Bank Information


Change PIN


Verify Available Funds


Transfer to Bank Customer Service


# Terminate Call
* Repeat Menu


+Other fees may apply.  See Schedule of Fees for details.